Kids Market-ing

I love trying to get my kids into making money. Community markets are a great way to teach them the basics of working for their money. Last year I used Vistaprint, and produced stickers for them to sell. I created the image and added the towns name.           If the kids wanted to spend money at the market they had to first earn it, even to buy their lunch!

This year we added plaster crafts to the table, for other kids to buy to take home and paint.

Using a collection of moulds, made with liquid latex, purchased from Trig Instruments, the kids and I worked as a team to produce a selection of plaster crafts. As they were made the morning of the market, once out of the moulds I put them in the oven on a very low heat to speed up the drying process.

The kids also had poster paint at the market, in case kids wanted to paint them while there, and had plastic plates for them to take them home on.

moulds molds 3 011 3 012 3 013 3 022

Spread a little love

Seaweed creation
Love Heart
Heart at work ; )

My kids and I love working together to spread a little love.

Building hearts, of sand, seaweed or shells can be a fun secret mission.

I love teaching our kids that they can make a difference in someone’s day by doing something simple like building a heart, that remains for weeks to come, as the tide slowly washes it down.

Heart seaweed Pauanui
Seaweed heart

Dinosaur Cake

Dinosaur cake
Carve the sponge
Dinosaur cake
Apply the butter icing
Dinosaur cake
Lay the Royal Icing over the sponge and cut to shape
Dinosaur cake
Stick on decorations with water

EndAug14 580 EndAug14 582 Dinosaur cake

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The Earthship

Something that has been on my List for a long time is to volunteer at Te Timatanga.  Work and family commitments just haven’t allowed me the free time to do this, however I now find myself with 2 childfree days each week, and the Earthship due to complete it’s build in 3 weeks! Even tho my own home has a List of it’s own, I find it a priority to lend a hand to the amazing couple that are creating this beautiful, textured family home.

I am in awe of not only the home but the lives that will be nurtured within its walls.

Te Timatanga Earthship glass bottle wall Te Timatanga Earthship glass bottle wall Sept15 088 Te Timatanga Earthship Mud wall

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Fathers Day Gift to Myself ; )

If you are a creative person, you just have to be creative.

My on my Creative List is to get into carving. I’m not sure how to do it, what substrate to use, or what to carve. All I know is, I want to get into carving.

So… instead of purchasing the token Fathers Day gift of undies, ping pong equipment, or a hammock (major fail last year), I brought myself a Rotary Tool!

I feel superior to all, that I now know what a Rotary Tool is! And even better now that I can say I own one!

Rotary tool kit for carving and engraving$89 at Placemakers

So the kids and I went beach combing for some rocks on which they could engrave their messages. They packaged these heavy notes in a basket, along with Dad necessities, chewing gum (he’s now addicted to since quitting smoking 8 years ago), surfboard wax and bluetak (for his ears while surfing).

Sept15 010 engraving stone

For my own father, I source a little wooden bowl, and engraved our family motto into it.     engraving wood

So a bit creative this year for Fathers Day, and the mornings activities followed suit

Sept15 056  plaster from mould mold

And brunch….

Sept15 057

All Iced Out -TMNT Style

I have ticked off my List the final kids birthday for the year!

My little man turned 5 and is off to school. But not without the compulsory Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party!

Teenage mutant ninja turtle invitation tmntInvites were easily made on Publisher

I decorated our downstairs lounge as a sewer, complete with black plastic drainage pipes, cobwebs and danger signs.

My best purchase has been a disco light bulb, from Trade Me. What lil kid doesn’t love to boogie!

Disco light bulbTrade me for $13.94

I’m completely over turtle cakes. Of course we needed one to celebrate with his daycare mates, one for his first day at school, one for the family, and another for the party.              I am now a pro. All thanks to purchased white icing! Makes cake decorating a breeze ; )

Bakel-Pettinice-Icing-White$6.49 at Countdown

Sept 2015 050Easily removed by washing with a drip or two of Domestos

The gang

Teenage mutant ninja turtle tmnt cake  Teenage mutant ninja turtle tmnt cake Teenage mutant ninja turtle tmnt cake Teenage mutant ninja turtle tmnt cake

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JJ Art

art pet dog image

When I found my future husband, it was the dog sitting next to him on the couch that attracted me to him. I have a thing for Staffys. This was JJ. After 8 pretty intensive years, leaping into huge swells at Muriwai Beach to fetch a stick I’d hurled into the depths, climbing trees and riding shot gun, we had to put her down, due to a debilitating nerve issue. To keep her close I decided to attempt a piece of art, for my husbands Christmas present. It was surprisingly quite easy. The painted image has since been thrown out, the photographic image can now be used in all sorts of ways. I’m yet to have it put on a tee for him. Perhaps this years Christmas present?

Be Creative List

J Image