magnetic blackboards – a must have!

This is so easy to do and creates such a great space your kids to be creative and to learn. I purchased this magnetic blackboard paint from Trade Me. It required three coats to get a strong magnetic hold. I also brought some magnetic words and maths times tables.

marble magic

Once your child reaches the ‘put everything in their mouths’ stage, marbles can be a pain in the bum! So I decided to make a concrete tile with mine! My 18 month year loves it! I going to produce some for our local Playcentre ; )

enriching kids making use of marbles

todays revamp

I was kept busy today revamping these pieces I scored for free! All it took was a good sanding with my orbital sander and a couple of coats of paint.

I was lazy with the display cabinet, and spray painted it!


The white draws unscrewed and could be removed from the cabinet! Along with the shed I recently acquired was a wooden table top, perfect for this cabinet!


From these unwanted pieces to these:

restored display cabinet revamprestored display cabinet revamprestored display cabinet revamprestored display cabinet revamp


jan16 095

restored display cabinet draws table revamprestored display cabinet draws table revamp



Epoxy experience

So I was recommended an epoxy resin to use, and to be honest, two pots of Kleer Kast Polyester Resin and I’m over it. It smells soooo bad, takes ages to fully cure, and often leaves a tacky surface which needs doming or sanding to eliminate.

So I purchased 1.5L of Entropy Super Sap CCR (Clear Cast Resin) from the Fibreglass Shop in Hamilton.

It was so easy to mix, a 1:2 ratio to a hardener, and didn’t smell!!!!

I ordered a silicone soap mould, and had a go embedding insects and a fern that I had been drying out.

I wiped down the mould with spray cooking oil, then half filled each space with resin. After curing for 30min I placed the pieces and left over night.

 The following day I filled the spaces, covering the pieces to be embedded, and left the mould under a dome to fully cure.

It was a hot day and by the afternoon they were fully cured, with no tacky surface!!!!

I messed up tho and had quite a few boo boos.

The insects had continued to bubble. I should have stayed and watched it cured for a while ensuring all bubbles were expelled.

Even the fern was crappy. I should have pressed it firmly into place to push the bubbles out.

Oppsie. Oh well, heaps of fun playing in my shed ; ) will try again tomorrow.

Loving Fibreglass Shop’s  Entropy Super Sap CCR (Clear Cast Resin). Purchased online via their website and couriered to my doorstep the very next day.


embedding stuff in resin

Using these ice cube trays that had been wiped down with some spray cooking oil I made these awesome embedded resin pieces. They can either be left as curious pieces or have a hole drilled through to make beautiful pieces of jewellery.

I simply filled each mould compartment with Norski Kleer Kast Diamond Embedding Resin, waiting for it to cure a little then placed my insects, feathers and pressed leaves.

I topped up the compartments, and covered the trays until fully cured. With a twist of the trays the pieces easily popped out. The surface exposed to the air stayed a bit tacky for a couple of days. I could have coated that surface with Norski Doming resin to seal it, but in the hot weather we have been having lately, they hardened on their own.


The insects used had been drying out in my hot water cupboard for a week prior, and the fern leaves had been pressed dry. If there is any moisture in the object you will get a milky white appearance on them once embedded, and I suppose they will rot.


My Shed!

I am one happy woman! My husband comes home from a surf with such a goofy smile on his face and now I have one too! I have my very own shed!

I purchased it on Trade Me for $30, and then quietly informed my hubby, that I wasn’t sure how to get it down to Tairua from its location in Auckland!

But a few good mates latter, it has its new location in the corner of my garden.

Now I don’t have to worry about poisoning the kids with the resin fumes ;  )