En-suite revamp

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An en-suite to be ashamed of!

I’m not really a big fan of en-suites in general. I’d much rather have a toilet attached to the garage! When I’m doing my business I like some privacy. I’m not really into my hubby being within ear shot, or worse, being waken by my trickling.

Even the door was uninviting. It swung into the bathroom, making it difficult to navigate my way to the bowl. And when the two of us wanted to brush our teeth we ended out doing the tango. So the door was the first to go. I eventually replaced it with a V Groove panel, hung on the most basic of hardware. But I tell you, it looks a hell of a  lot better than the other door!

Next, the crappy plastic vanity and the MDF shelving had to go! Don’t forget the plastic shampoo and conditioner dispenser glued to the shower wall!

I opted for a wall hung basin, hoping it would look clean and sleek. Unfortunately the nice clean cut guy in the flash plumbing truck, who came to give me the quote, wasn’t the guy I got! They sent me some young, not yet qualified kid, with a crappy bongo van as a work truck. What should have been a days work took three. After having to complain to the boss, and having had numerous visits from supposedly mentoring qualified plumbers, the job was finally complete.

I got the trainee who probably should have still be under supervision!

I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

The kid installed the white plastic piece. Of course being visible, I would have wanted the stainless steel one! Its not rocket science.

Jan17 354

Check out this handy work! The wood behind the gibb hadn’t been cut back enough, so the pipes didn’t sit flush within the wall. How was I suppose to plaster over that!?!

And those white plastic rings, needed to be changed to silver. He has also used two different hose attachments. I ain’t a plumber, but logic says they should both be L  bends.

Any how, after completing the plastering, painting the room, and the addition of a Mitre 10 mirror, towel rack and shelf, the en-suite was complete!

Oh, don’t forget that Senso self adhesive vinyl planking I love so much!

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