On the move…. again



After 10 months in Hamilton we decided it was time to move back to the coast. With a surfer husband it was only a matter of time before we enlisted the help of local real estate LJ Hookers to draw in buyers to invest in our basic do up in Pukete.

After a month on the market we received an offer which enabled us to purchase the tiny 3 bedroom bach we had put a conditional offer on. We were thankful the tedious open home staging was over and we started downsizing our belongings. We were moving from a rather large 6 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom, with an amazing view.

Moving day had us jamming in boxes and bikes. I had booked a 50 cubic metre truck, and two burly men, however the guys turned out to be weaker than my 10 year old, and needed some training in Tetris, as the top third of the truck remained void.

A cat escaped from the car as the rain started. After a quick search all was back in order and we were off.

The excitement of our new abode was  quickly diminished as we found there was no power. I spent an hour trying to sort this while I directed colour coded boxes to either inside or to be stored under the house. The downsizing was going to take a while to get used to. Good in theory.

As boxes were emptied and thrown from the deck, belongings were shoved into cupboards. The kids beds were set up and their toys littered the floor.

We were in, well kind of.




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