On the move ….. yet again!

The confidence in our little three bedroom bach being able to accommodate our growing family was dwindling. We considered the options; build an extension or move to a larger abode, but we were hesitant in increasing our mortgage. If anything we wanted to reduce our debt.  My husband was over sharing the waves with 50 other surfers and the 45 minute commute was becoming a chore.

We started to contemplate our next move and after a lot of research we settled on Whanganui; New Zealand’s best kept secret. With cheaper housing, great school options  and the beautiful native forest and black sand coast to explore… we were off!

As Raglan is a sought after location, a tourist mecca, we were confident our house would sell quickly, so we decided to sell it privately. Within a month we were unconditional and started boxing up our belongs yet again.

We found an amazing house in Okoia, a small village on the outskirts of Whanganui. There was already an offer on the property, but we were hopeful and put in a back offer.

Thankfully, for us, the first offer fell through and our offer was accepted!

We had fallen in love with the cottage, with ample room for our family and all the animal add ons.

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