A lot of wall paper stripping later…

It was a fun couple of years in our 70’s house on the hill. And now it’s time for it to have many more years with another fortunate family.

Our move to Hamilton was such a mess. I thought I had it all worked out. I had packed snacks and filled the tank. Mum had already been and packed a trailer with ‘specials’.

My husband had already moved and had started the new job. He had been staying at a camping ground for the past 2 weeks until we took possession of our new project. The kids all went off the school and kindy while I waited for the truck to arrive. I started to move furniture outside in anticipation of the trucks arrival, but it never turned up! With the threat of an impending rain cloud, I called the delivery service, who informed me of a mix up. The truck had only just left Hamilton, after being delayed at an earlier job!

The car was chocker with fragiles, the cats, the dog and the fish, and I was yet to pick up the kids! I left instructions for the truck, picked up the kids and left lil ol Tairua.

I thought it would all be smooth sailing from here, but alas, it wasn’t. The truck finally arrived in Hamilton, but as the guys had gone over their ‘drive time’ they weren’t able to deliver our belongings until the next day! And for some bad luck, all the motels in Hamilton were booked out, due to shows that weekend. In the trailer my mother had delivered were our sleeping bags, but nothing else we could utilise. We packed the kids into the car and headed to The Warehouse for some pillows and picked up pizza.

Not only was our new home the worst house in a nice street, but we had no choice but to sleep our first night on inflatable mattresses and towels!

And so our new journey begun……